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Established in 2010 by Rick, Ken and Tom Savage, Asticou Connection gets its name from the village of Asticou, which their ancestors helped settle.

Today, members of the Savage family can trace their heritage back nine generations to a Revolutionary War veteran who came to Mount Desert Island in 1790. John and Sarah Savage, with a growing brood of children, are recorded as the second family of permanent settlers in the Northeast Harbor area. Their home site was at the northern head of the harbor, and eventually became known as the village of Asticou.

This settlement grew rapidly, and by the early 1880s the village of Asticou was chosen as the site of the first official post office in the Northeast Harbor and Seal Harbor areas. At this time, Asticou village could also boast of having a major shipping wharf, two hotels, a grocery and general store, and a livery stable. Some decendents of this family adapted naturally to accomodate the needs of the 19th-century rusticators who flocked to Mount Desert Island. Renowned architect Fred L. Savage left his mark on many cottages and buildings. Creativity in the form of photography and map making is recognized by the publications of Luther, Augustus, and Donald Phillips. Charles K. Savage certainly made an important contribution with his achievements as a landscaper and designer of the world famous Asticou Azalea Gardens and the Northeast Harbor Thuya Gardens. 

This heritage continues with each ensuing generation, and can be seen in tangible form at Asticou Connection. We are pleased to share this gallery with other fine artists who exhibit the same penchant for quality and creative expression.