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Bill Sanborn
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Bill Sanborn is a native of MDI and lifelong woodworker. His experience began with banging together wood scraps in his father's upholstery shop, building clubhouses from trees and evolved into a career as a builder. Working with wood in home construction, furniture building and finish carpentry established a solid foundation.  

A whim in 2009 has turned into an obsession! Woodturning has become a way to create and be creative in his free time. He says, " has inspired my creativity like nothing I have ever done before. The possibilities are endless. Almost every day I think of a new idea or a way to improve on a previous one... not just for woodturning but all my woodworking."

Bill uses as much recycled and scrap wood as possible. He is using materials that most craftsmen would throw away or burn in the shop wood stove. If it’s hardwood and 1 1/2” or longer in one dimension, he can use it in a variety of ways to make something new. Bill often creates by combining contrasting woods, noting "Sometimes the wood tells me what to do with it. I start out with an idea of what I’m going to turn, but as I see the grain and patterns of the wood I have glued up come together... I may go in a completely different direction."

Bill Sanborn